Bordeaux vs. London Market Print E-mail

Storage and travel history (provenance) greatly affects wine prices. Wines that have been stored at the chateaux or in professional storage in Bordeaux since the time they were released command the highest prices. Wine that has been shipped out of Bordeaux (e.g. wine sold in the London, US or Asia markets) is worth significantly less. In general, the older the wine, the higher the premium on Bordeaux-stored wine. The premium on Investment wines direct from the chateaux/Bordeaux can amount to 30% or more, sometimes even more than 100% (see examples below).

Here are some examples:

“…(1961 Latour) from Latour’s own cellars at a premium of US$56,400…” 


(Financial Times, Sept 2004 hammered at Christie’s auction house)

Compared to a case (1961 Latour) that was stored in London which only fetched US$20,570

(Decanter, June 2005)