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Making your investment
EQUITY’s Wine Investment Consultants will recommend a Wine Investment Package based on the client's investment criteria. We provide full-service management of all Wine Investment Packages.

Investment security: Ownership, insurance & storage in Bordeaux
The title of the wines that EQUITY purchases for investors are transferred to the client upon payment. These wines are also insured for replacement value with the client as the beneficiary. Insurance is currently provided by AXA France. EQUITY will provide clients with a statement of accounts for the wines purchased. As part of our services, we offer storage in a secure warehouse in Bordeaux.
* Fees applicable


It is extremely important to store your wines in professional wine storage facilities in Bordeaux and NOT in any other part of France or any other country as the value of these investment wines will drop significantly once they are shipped out of Bordeaux.

See [Bordeaux vs. London Market]  

Exiting investment
Multiple exit options are available. EQUITY will assist clients to sell their wine investments at the current market price. Alternatively clients are also at liberty to use Christie’s, Sotheby’s or any other reputable auction house to sell their investment wines.

Client can exit their investments at anytime as there are NO early exit fees.


[Investment Guidelines]